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AIMS Shop Floor CMM
AIMS Revolution Shop Floor CMM

Revolution® HB Shop Floor CMM

5.9.4 & 8.10.6

Mobility, 5-axis Capability, and Shop Floor Worthy All in One

This is the only mobile 5-axis shop floor CMM on the market, and is fully made in America.  It features a roll-around stand, enabling movement of the Revolution® from one area to another.  Casters can then be tightly locked to keep it in place.  The added bonus of this mobility also includes its use of 110/220 volt outlets – there’s no need for shop air.  Attached to the stand, the Revolution®’s polymer-cast base includes built-in vibration resistance and thermal stability for life on the shop floor.  Mechanical bearings also further help dampen the vibration abuse shop floors can offer.  For the purposes of 5-axis capabilities, the Revolution® uses a PH20 probe head, which offers drastically improved accuracy and repeatability – performing 3 times faster than conventional probe heads.  CMM Inspection, wherever you need it!

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