Shop Floor SF 87

The SF 87 new coordinate measuring machine is the universal measuring machine for the production environment. The SF 87 requires little floor space and offers an optimized measuring volume of 800 x 700 x 700 mm. This makes it ideal for a large part of the metal cutting and forming industry.


The machine concept offers a very good price-performance ratio with low space requirements. High traversing speeds and accelerations ensure high productivity. The combination of powerful probes and optical sensors leads to a considerable increase in efficiency in your measuring and testing process.

Wenzel SF87 Frost and Sullivan Award 2018


Maximum driving dynamics for maximum productivity 

High measuring volume, matched to production machines 

Compact design with small footprint 

Flexible and mobile for use in the workshop 

Maximum stiffness with minimum dead weight due to bionic design



Suitable for workshop and production use

Temperature compensation | active damping as option

Excellent price-performance ratio

Large measuring volume with small footprint | low operating costs | no compressed air required

Modern machine design

Ergonomic and user-friendly | Bionic structures and massless weight compensation | Turntable option

Flexible and universal use

Multisensor capable (optical and tactile) | 5-axis measuring technology | available with matching probe changing units

Integration into the line and into automation processes

WENZEL-Automation-Interface (WAI) | can be equipped from three sides | WM I SYS Analyzer

2018 Global Coordinate Measurement Machine New Product Innovation Award

LH Generation Coordinate Measuring Machine

The WENZEL LH Generation Coordinate Measuring Machine is the latest in high performance bridge style CMMs.

What does LH Generation CMM do?

The LH Generation CMM combines the legacy of the LH CMM with a modern look, as well as the latest in sensor technology.

What applications are suitable for the LH Generation CMM?

The LH Generation CMM is ideally suited for high accuracy applications that require high throughput.

What are some other Features/Benefits of the LH Generation CMM?

Choose the accuracy that fits your needs:
  • Standard – Entry level for most basic measuring needs.

  • Premium – A greater emphasis on accuracy and performance

  • Premium Select – The best combination of speed and accuracy for your most critical applications.

Renishaw probing technology affords great flexibility, and the latest in industrial scanning technology.

Powerful software tools allow you to turn your results into highly visual and dynamic reports including; rich graphical plots, CAD overlays, and SPC for process control.

Whether your measuring tasks need the versatility of the LHG series or value and precision of the XO or XOplus CMM machines, the structure of any bridge-type coordinate measuring machine is made of thermally stable granite and coupled with the industry’s CMM styling.

XOplus Coordinate Measuring Machine

The WENZEL XOplus Coordinate Measuring Machine is a mid-range CMM which bridges the technical and commercial gap between the German-built, premium LHG systems and the popular XO CMM.

What does XOplus CMM do?

The XOplus brings the renowned stability of a granite CMM and high accuracy at a competitive price. The XOplus also has size ranges that are different to XO and LHG. The XOplus has bridge size of 55 (500mm by 500mm), 77 and 98 and each bridge sizes has different Y-axis lengths to suit customer needs. The XOplus 555 is has particularly small footprint making it ideal for shops where real estate cost is at a premium.

What applications are suitable for the XOplus CMM?

Applications include; machined components, stampings, tooling, and turbine blades.

What are some other Features/Benefits of the XOplus CMM?

  • Excellent price/performance ratio

  • Renishaw Probe Systems let you add sensor technology as your needs change and grow.

  • Drive systems and air bearings arrangements like high-end continuous industrial scanning CMMs.

If your inspection process calls for a coordinate measuring machine that can do more than just tactile touch probing, but you still need high value, you don’t have to sacrifice the intrinsic accuracy of granite.  Our newest XOplus coordinate measuring machine is built with thermally stable granite structures and fills the gap between premium machines and the Xorbit workhorse coordinate measuring machine.

LHF Coordinate Measuring Machine

What is the LHF Coordinate Measuring Machine?

The WENZEL LHF is a travelling bridge Coordinate Measuring Machine designed specifically for the largest and most challenging work pieces.

What does LHF do?

The WENZEL LHF provides a massive measuring envelope for inspection of large, precise workpieces. Machines up to 12 meters in length have been delivered to customers through the world, bringing the intrinsic accuracy of granite guideways to the larger end of the CMM spectrum. This makes for a versatile, stable, accurate platform for your large workpiece inspection.

What applications are suitable for the LHF?

Applications for the LHF include CMM inspection of; Maritime Powertrain, Aerospace Frames and Landing Gear. The simple addition of a high capacity rotary table makes the LHF ideal for large rotating parts as well, such as Gears and Turbine Components.

What are some other Features/Benefits of the LHF.

  • Large measuring envelope allows staging multiple workpieces to maximize throughput.

  • Renishaw Probing Systems let you add sensor technology as your needs change and grow.

  • Powerful software tools allow you to turn your results into highly visual and dynamic reports including; rich graphical plots, CAD overlays, and SPC for process control.

  • A robust combination of a high accuracy granite structure, massive coordinate measuring volume, and world class sensor technology to meet the demands of large part manufacturing.

Our philosophy when it comes a coordinate measuring machine is to eliminate as many avenues of inaccuracy as possible – before any measuring happens. Because we start with the intrinsic-accuracy of granite in each piece of metrology equipment we manufacture, your coordinate measuring machine then high accuracy built in. Starting with the most mechanically accurate structure for coordinate measuring means less error mapping to compensate for less than ideal materials.

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