What is it?  AUKOM provides an up-to-date, comparable, controllable, comprehensive, and certifiable training regarding industrial production metrology, particularly in the area of coordinate metrology. It is a program for metrologists, production engineers, design engineers, and even managers (really, anybody in the field of metrology) who wants to enhance their skillset through our one-week training courses. It helps reduce costs, to minimizes waste, and helps to make effective decisions. The material taught is manufacturer-neutral (material is demonstrated from multiple metrology companies and not a specific one). At the end of the course, there is an exam where the students receive a certificate if they pass. This program is increasingly being recognized globally with companies that aim to maintain a high level of metrology practices and knowledge.


Other benefits to companies and program highlights


  1. Credibility through a certificate backed by a trusted, worldwide, growing organization

  2. Up-to-date theory of metrological concepts

  3. Establishes good measurement practices for metrologists as well as production engineers, design engineers, and managers

  4. Enhance trust in your measurement results through the understanding of basic mathematical and physics methods

  5. Training classes audited regularly to maintain ethical organizational standards

  6. Major global companies trust and recognize more and more the AUKOM certification


Structure – AUKOM Levels 1, 2 and 3 are five days. Full days Monday-Thursday and a test Friday morning. The classes are for up to 12 students and are held in a classroom setting where the students will receive their own manuals and will follow along with a PowerPoint presentation. It can be taught on-site or at our facility in Wixom.

Test – 60 minutes. 100 total points. 67% needed to pass. Score is not shown unless student failed. In order to take Level 2, student must have passed Level 1. In order to take Level 3, students must have passed Level 2.

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